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query: I actually have two kids going to school. I searched how you can make cash online and all look like scams to me. can you assist me discover a way to complement my income?

reply: There are many jobs that you would be able to do remotely or on your personal time. You just need a smartphone, tablet or laptop, a way to get on-line and the need to make cash. the jobs definitely run the gamut. which you can work as a consumer provider consultant, take surveys, promote crafts, do extraordinary jobs, evaluate search engine outcomes, receives a commission to write or even earn a couple of dollars observing tv . I actually have a comprehensive listing of on-line alternatives on my web site.  click here for 30 official ways to earn funds on-line (

Q:  My laptop is working actually slowly. What can i do to repair it? It’s most effective a yr historic but i am ready to throw it away!

A: I get it. Your classes open sluggishly, internet looking seems pokey, apps are lagging and your startup time is worse than you remember. earlier than you throw your pc out the door, are trying these tricks. a good region to delivery is with the equipment maintenance Troubleshooter, that can assist you find issues together with your computer. As you accumulate info and programs, your storage finally fills up. you should have at least 15 % free area on your operating equipment force for most fulfilling efficiency.

Q: i am a physician and i don’t desire patients to have my cellular phone number. How can i call them with out displaying my number?

A: The brief manner of preserving your mobile number invisible from caller identification is as effortless as 1-2-three. actually, it’s more like *67, and it’s free. Dial that code earlier than the cellphone number and it will briefly deactivate caller identity. The process is a little more in depth if you are looking to disable the feature completely. simply name your mobile phone service and ask for a line block. as soon as it’s executed, your phone quantity will by no means appear, no depend whom you name. Don’t choose this choice evenly, because it is everlasting and irreversible. a better choice is in your cell’s settings.

Q: we’re renting a home this summer season. i’m concerned about hidden cameras. the place may they be and the way do I find them?

A: The laws range from state to state. In typical, landlords can put up cameras outdoors and in public spaces, however they cannot put them up, seen or hidden, where a reasonable person would predict to have privacy, comparable to in a bathroom or bedroom. (Audio recording has a great deal stricter rules than video. in lots of states both events deserve to be aware that the recording is taking place.) particular RF detectors can support you find the cameras. click here for tactics to identify and disable indoor and out of doors surveillance cameras (

Q: I heard you point out on your countrywide radio display a mistake that people are making when renting vehicles this summer. It had to do with your telephone. are you able to please inform me extra?

A: for those who pair your cellphone to a apartment automobile the use of Bluetooth, the vehicle retailers your mobilephone quantity to make it simpler to join later. It additionally retailers your call logs, and perhaps even your contacts, which you don’t need sitting round for the subsequent renter. Go into the automobile’s settings (it is going to fluctuate via automobile model) and delete your smartphone from the list of paired Bluetooth contraptions. That have to wipe your call log and contacts. If it would not, look for an choice to clear person information or do a manufacturing facility reset. seek advice from the personnel on the car condo place if you can not find these options.

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